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Some Pictures in vietnam
Some Pictures in vietnam
Screwed Royal by Right Wing Hyennas;
Who are still fully intent upon running our Govt regardless of our Congress, Democracy and Constitution.
It is these very dogs that our Democracy and Constitution were instituted to protect us from.
There is no better example than vietnam, the military support arm of the CIA's heroin cartel in Laos;
Unless it is Afghanistan and it's hush-hush oil/gas and largest warehouse of opium in the history of our planet.
Miss Nguyen Ti Phuc.  One of the remarkably attractive Vietnamese girls who attended college in Dalat.  Miss Phuc's college was interrupted by the war.  Her family's home, business and livelihood were destroyed in the Tet offensive of 1968.  She and her 2-year-older sister Han took secretary jobs to help their family get through the war.  I hope she got the chance to finish her college, which was an uncertain  dream for her.  Dalat was built as a French enclave before France abandoned vietnam.  Notice the French style architecture of the Dalat home in the background, and the European steel girder type electric pole.  She was one of my black market contacts for those motorpool parts that were difficult for our Helicopter Company to get through normal military channels.  Once I had befriended her civilian supply contractor boss, and kept him supplied with goods and jumpseat priveledges, she was instructed to give me anything I needed from their inventory.  A considerable amount of material in vietnam, especially certain hard to get parts and luxuries, could be traded-for on the black market when desired or needed.
War shrine in Dalat.  This was a courtyard shrine to peace, that was located close to the MACV Helipad our helicopters frequented.  If I remember correctly the shrine was in the name of a Catholic Saint (statue visible beyond the gate).  Again, notice the French architecture of the building in the background.