Blue MOTS Magnatone #2
This Lap Steel is the same as Blue MOTS Maggie #1.

This Maggie has a matching Blue MOTS amp like Maggie #1's except that the amp for this Maggie has a chrome "refrigerator" style handle instead of the big plastic handle like MOTS Maggie #1's.

NOTICE:  This steel's matching amp malfunctioned, and this steel's pots stopped working !  Pulling and testing them confirmed they had become an open circuit !  This is a very rare occurance but can occur by piezo electric destruction of the pots carbon wipers when a voltage feeds back into the guitar !

The pots were then removed;  And the tuners were subsequently removed to put on another MOTS Maggie that sold.

So this MOTS Maggie Steel needs tuners and both pots.  Strangely, it's tone pot filter cap survived !

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Removed from inventory for repairs.