Tele Style Jay Turser Custom
(And exceptionally pleasant Tele style guitar)

Previous owner / distributor report:

Peach cream finish
Gold hardware
Lifetime Warranty

Classic Tele Style Cutaway Body
Solid Body
Maple Neck
Maple Fingerboard
Black Dot Inlay
Gold Hardware
Quality Diecast Tuning Machines
White Pearloid Pick Guard
This guitar's Cream FInishis is truely Nice


Denny's note:  Guitar Player Magazine was right;  Jay Turser guitars are one of the very best values for electric guitars.  I have had several and can attest to their exceptional quality, craftsmanship, playability and sound;  Truely an exceptional guitar and value.

I must qualify that statement my mentioning that there are some reports on the internet of Jay Turser having had some quality control quirks make it to market;  But I have never seen any quality problem with over 100 Jay Turser guitars I've either had or seen elsewhere.  I WOULD NOT SELL ANY NEW OR NOS GUITAR WITH ANY UNDISCLOSED ISSUE KNOWN TO ME ..... and I inspect very closely.  I know of only 1 incident that I missed seeing an issue with an instrument, and that was a very small dot of touch-up paint that had been applied to a Danelectro Reissue somewhere in it's distribution line, and got by those other inspectors as well.
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