Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
1925 - 2005
Rest in Eternal Peace, my old Friend
And Thank You beyond measure

With mixed emotions I must pay tribute to Clarence "Gatemouth / Gate" Brown, my old Friend from long ago, who passed to glory on Sunday, 9-11-05. He had traveled to Orange Texas just outside of Houston to escape the approaching hurricane Katrina. When Katrina wiped out Gate's home just outside New Orleans along with all of his belongings, plans were being made for him to move to Austin Texas.  But Gate had been fighting lung cancer and heart problems, particularly over the last year (and he is the epitomy of a challenge fighter).  Members of Gate's family feel (sic) he decided it was time to leave this world's troubles.  Although he will be terribly missed; from his new place of Peace without infirmities and worries and with old Friends that went before him, he will surely be able to help his family rebuild their Lousiana losses much better in his new and fresh Life. Gate certainly accomplished the things he told me 43 years ago he wanted to. Countless people have emmensely enjoyed his broad individuality of creative playing and showmanship; And he became the hallmark example of multi-genre Musicianship he wanted to be, that we can all benefit from.

Gate was solely responsible for putting me in touch with the Soul of music back in 1962; And from the very beginning of my having a website, I have had an appreciative tribute to him on my Blues webpage, along with what he did for me and countless others.

At Gate's website you can (and should) read about Gate's phoenominal life of playing a number of instruments in all styles, with an ability beyond measure. He was a Master of playing with distinct individual creativity.  If you don't have them already, you can purchase Gate's CD's on his website and will be thrilled I'm sure; Which will also directly help his family recover from the devastation of Katrina.

Adios mi Amigo; You will be terribly missed; But we will be comforted beyond measure by the Music and example you left us with, and by your presence in the future.
Clarence Gatemouth Brown
1925 - 2005

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