CLICK HERE for a lot more high resolution pics of this Steel's sister (Electromuse #2) disassembled for cleaning and showing details.
Electromuse Lap Steel.

This is Denny's generic description of both Electromuses listed.

The pictures below are of one of the two Electromuses listed.  They look quite the same except for slight differences in wear.  I have not yet taken pictures of the other electromuse.  The description below fits both equally.

The body of these Steels are solid mahogany built in the common long centerpiece with body wings joined on the sides.

These models of Electromuse Lap Steels have a strong yet relatively thin metal plate that covers the electronics cavity, and serves as the mounting plate for the pickup and controls;  And has the bridge machine-stamped into the plate, shaped  in a hollow elongated pyramid form.   This electronics / cover plate mounts directly over a large electronics cavity routing, ...and the pickup is mounted on the cover plate and also spans the cavity;  So the cavity resonates back upon the metal plate vibrating from the strings, and gives this Steel a nice unique sound a bit similar to a Resonator Guitar;  A noticeable hollow metalic nuance to both the Steel's acoustic and electronic sound.

The resonator-type sound is eccentuated by higher gains on the amplifier being used;  A matter of higher gain hearing / reproducing more of the sound's nuances, and especially when the Steel is being played in stronger volume speaker fields, similar to electric hollow body guitars coming alive in a strong speaker field.

The tuner buttons of both Steels have long ago deteriorated.  I can replace the tuner buttons if a buyer so desires.
I will take pictures of the other Electromuse and post them as soon as I can.  I can / will take new & better pics should someone have a serious interest in these Electromuses.
An excellent opportunity for a Custom Build platform:

A fully aged "slab" of excellent old wood ready for any custom parts and / or treatments:

If a person likes more sustain than the "resophonic"-like tone nuance of these Electromuses; or prefers another specific pickup;  or if a person wants to build around other ideas they have for a custom Steel;

Then these Steels offer an excellent opportunity for such projects.  The cavity under the electronics plate is wide open except for a wood block glued in to support the plate's stamped-in bridge.  The wood block will pop right out if desired, leaving a wide open cavity for pickup(a), electronics and cover plate configuration of the builder's desires.
CLICK HERE for a lot more high resolution pics of this Steel's sister (Electromuse #2) disassembled for cleaning and showing details.
Pics of Electromuse #1: