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Danelectro reissue U2L Lefty
with solid black neck and headstock paint scheme

ORIGINAL OWNER REPORTS:  This is the Danoelectric U2 (Reissue) model that came out about 4-5 years ago. This one is black and in very good condition because it was stored in it's orignal Dano' case.  Another thing that sets this one apart from others is it's upgrade to a (Danelectro adjustable intonation) bridge.  Other than the upgraded bridge, everything else is stock.  ~~~~~~~  The case is really a great match and it's in great condition as well.  Neither the case or the guitar has left my house, I'm the orignial owner. My fellow lefties, this is a great guitar!

DENNY'S NOTE:  This U2 Lefty really is in Excellent Condition and would be Near Mint condition were it not for 2 very small marks on the finish on the back of the guitar where the upgraded bridge's front 2 screws were screwed down too far and their tips penetrated the finish ever-so-slightly.  I have now backed them off to their proper reach.  If I have repaired the spots where they cannot be seen by the time you might have an interest in this guitar, ...the fact remains that it was slightyly damaged and therefore not in Near Mint Condition although it might appear that way.

These are the previous owner's pictures;  I will take additional pictures as soon as I can, ...or upon a serious Buyer's request.

The Danelectro reissue hardshell case is being sold separately and might still be available;  Please inquire if you are interested.

Thank You,
Denny T~

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Danelectro Left Handed 56 U2. 1998 - 2003 reissue