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New custom-built Stratocaster
Expert built to expert favored specs from new select Fender & Fender-licensed parts.

Exceptionally fine wet-dream blonde with the best of selected all-new Fender licensed parts.  More-mass headstock and bullet truss-rod access adds noticeable sustain.  Expert custom shop assembled and set-up, ...with features Players cream for:

Top shelf Alder Body.

Aged-off-white-cream finish.

ALL FENDER body hardware:
--- Pickguard.
--- Vintage style bridge assembly; Saddles stamped 'Fender'.
--- Jack plate and jack.
--- Strap buttons.
--- Switch, etc.
--- Screws.

FENDER Licensed neck;
--- Late 60s > Early 70s style maple on maple neck.
--- Matte lacquer finish.
--- Comfortable median 'C' shape.
--- Skunk stripe back.
--- Vintage style frets.
--- Handcut nut.
--- 2 string trees.
--- Famous bullet truss rod nut at the higher headstock; Famous for adding additional sustaining mass to it  higher Wood-mass headstock. 
--- From Steve Wark / Allparts.

GOTOH vintage style split shaft tuners.

Classic Strat tone.

Full professional setup, nice low action, plays like cream, sounds like a dream.

A striking guitar.

Everything to ask for at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay Fender for Custom Shop.

Carl Johnson.

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