I have invested MUCH time and resources for many years in developing my materials and teaching methods.  I am disabled and depend heavily upon the work I can do.  I cannot tolerate any infringement upon my copyrights without license or written permission.  Because I am disabled, my IPR counsel / law firm will take the strongest measures against infringement, without wasting time and resources with polite protocol.  Thank You for your understanding.

Limited FREE USE of my materials for Educational purposes:

Under Educational Fair Use Mandantory License Rules of Law; A person can make one (and only one) copy of copyrighted material for their own personal, non-commercial, educational use, ...as long as such a copy was made directly from an original published by the copyright holder or licensee. No further copy nor distribution of copy is allowed.

I am delighted to personally assist any non-commercial educational / teaching purpose at little or no expense.  For instance (but not limited to) I am usually delighted to assist a small business, start-up venture and/or commercial purpose that affords fair compensation by license or permission.

My Links Page has links to comprehensive industry & legal Copyright and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) information.

All copyrights and trademarks on this website are the property of the owners of same and are used on this website either by ownership, permission, Fair Use, Mandatory License, Public Domain and/or Providence.

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