Goodrich 120 Volume Pedal.

$75 + actual shipping.

A very popular volume pedal among professionals;  An industry standard among Steel Guitarists;  Expertly made with handsome and heavy duty aluminum, hardware and componants.

Excellent / 98% (2% use marks);  Well cared for used condition.

Clarostat, by Allen Bradley.
Type J
AB JA1NO_ _ _(3 unaccessable / unreadable digits).

This pedal is not polished-shiny in these pics because I applied a coating of Ace Lub-E light oil with a clean rag to inhibit corrosion in storage.  There are minor scratches and use marks common to aluminum, which will clean up easily and well.  Aluminum is soft and buffs / polishes up quite readily / nicely.

I will be delighted to cleanup and lube this pedal expertly, at no charge, if desired / requested by Buyer.

This pedal has a subtle electronic issue said at the bottom of this page.
This pedal has a subtle electronic Issue, and is casually waiting in line to make it to my work bench to find and correct the issue if not sold before then;  Many people appreciate a good discount for things that are relatively easy to fix:   There is a noticeable static sound when the pedal treddle is touched with a hand / finger.  It is so subtle that I have used this pedal at gigs a number of times (without a noise gate) and never noticed any static because the pedal is normally off / quiet unless playing and I never touched the tredle with a hand while the pedal was depressed / on, until inspecting the pedal for this sale.

If you have a basic understanding of audio electronics, this might help:  It is not a dirty pot because operating the pedal makes no pot noise and makes no change in the static when touching the treddle with my hand; The pot is an Allen Bradley Clarostat pot.  I suspect the gliche is a bad connection to the top's / tredle's ground, ...or inductance static crosstalk making a ground-loop to human body contact with the tredle thus pedal case, maybe via barely conducting (induction) crosstalk across dust accumuated in the treddle axle bearing lubrication.  Were it reversed wiring between the pot and tip / sleeve of the output jack, then much louder 60 cycle noise would occur when touching the pedal case.  It could also be a poor ground contact (cold solder joint, ...frayed off wire connection, etc.) not providing ample ground and thus picks up extra ground from induction to human body mass through the treddle bearing.  The static is not any louder when toughing the base of the pedal, so not a reversed polarity of the case ground.  I am SWAG'ing that cleaning the bearing with contact cleaner and then relubricating with a light oil (TriFlow highly recommended) should solve that problem;  And certainly no more than tracing and fixing an inadequate ground connection in the pot's connecting circuit.  It makes no noise when operating with a shoed foot, further indicating my suspicion of cause is likely correct.

Here is a great look inside a Goodrich 120 with much good info.

I will find and expertly fix the static for an additional $25 shop time.

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MODEL NO.    120

Made in U.S.A.