Voila, ....coil casing reassembled with the same techniques as shown on Page 8.
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1953 Valco El Grande Steel Guitar
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The good 'ol plastic drinking straw again:
Cut to the depth of the tunnels, and sectioned to the size of becoming coil-overlapped tubes.
Testing showed about 40% sectioned out gave just the right amount of overlap to form new tube casings.
The inside of the coils tunnels are wetted with white carpenters glue applied with the small artisit brush from the can pallet.  The tube inserts are rolled between the index finger and thumb to coil them up to a size that will insert into the tunnels.  Gluing and installing the inserts are done one at a time as shown in the pictures below.
A light wiping of forehead oil onto the end of the small artist brush handle gives it just the right amount of "mold release" as it holds the tube inserts outward while the glue sets.  Slowly rotating the brush while slowly and gently inserting it and while taking it out will either expand the coiled inserts or loosen them from the tunnel walls, depending upon which clock / counter-clock direction the inserts overlap were insalled;  As friction upon the inserts will tease them to coil tighter on the tunnel walls or want to coil up on the brush handle.  Turn the handle so that the coil expands out against the tunnel wall as the brush is slowly and gently pulled out.  Don't put too much outward pressure on the inserts as it will squeeze too much glue out;  Just use enough pressure to form the insert coil into an overlapped tube itself.
Voila, ....coil casing reassembled with the same techniques as shown on Page 8.
Electronic and audio testing on the bench indicates that all is well.  Reassembly of the Steel will go quite quickly after soldering the harness together today (wednesday 12-3-08).
In this brush's case, it's size goes right on through the entire tunnel before it firms up against the inserts & tube walls.