My shop's post-remodeling status:
Feb. 16, 2004:  The remodeling of my shop is now done for the most part;  But when is a craftsman / artist's shop ever really finished !?  My deepest Thank You to all that have been so patient and supportive, especially during the chaos of remodeling.

I suppose things will continue to be shuffled around as "they" find their best / right places.  I hope to get some pictures posted soon, newer than the ones on the shop's remodeling progress page.

I can once again locate, pull, inspect,  pack and ship.

But please remember son Dean's present medical challenge that will periodically prevent me from being "johhny on the spot" in answering inquiries.  I will shoot straight and be most reliable when I am able to answer.

Email is the very best way to reach me, ...because even though I might not be able to answer them immediately, I will have that email to answer as soon as possible.

I understand that when someone telephones or emails me with an inquiry after reading this panel, it is probably quite important to  them, ...and any inquiry is important to me too.  But due to the number of telephone calls and emails I still receive and the long hours  and workload I am under;  It might be difficult or impossible for me  to answer the phone or emails right away;  So please understand if an automatically generated interem email is sent to you when I can't  answer the specifics you request right away.

During getting things on the Homefront here back up to speed, I anticipate that I will sometimes not be able to return calls left on my answering machine, because (1) email works better under the circumstances, and (2) I have posted that at every contact point on this website, and (3) most inquiries are casual and  unproductive and although I really enjoy such communication I simply don't have the luxury of that time right now like I wish I did.

Thank You,
Denny T~
------- oOo -------
THANK YOU to those of you that helped rescue New Orleans
and the Gulf Coast from the Fourth Reich's Hurricane Katrina debacle.

Jan. 16, 2006:  It has been one helluva challenge keeping all things on the homefront here under reasonable control the last 3 years!  THANK YOU for your patience, support and Katrina relief help during my often absence while networking relief  for hurricane Katrina.  Now that official CIVILIAN efforts and programs have taken up most of the criminal slack of the fourth reich's ethnic cleansing and carpetbagging of New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast,  ...immediate / ermergency pro-active outside civilian help and hell-raising politics is not as direly critical as it was while the fourth reich tested just how heinous they could be and get away with it (to the tune of unfathomable misery and $100 BILLION dollars that they get most-of for their own criminal syndicates' pockets);  And it ain't over by a long shot.  But at least it appears that a growing critical mass of People are FINALLY waking up to the true nature of the lying fouth reich that now controls Washington D.C, our treasury and our Liberty & Justice ...lock, stock and barrel.

My Hurricane Katrina Emergency Relief Networking webpages
were no longer needed so were shut down and the domain names
given to Gulf Coast Relief activists that could put the domain names to good use.
Here is the master page kept because it's hits indicate it's resources are still being used.
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Around the shop and
on the Homefront;
Status of the shop & life's affairs.
Much has been done since the last postings of the shops remodeling progress.  Most of everything has found it's place .  Still some shuffling to do to make the most use out of limited space;  But when is an artistic shop ever finished!?  I hope to find the time to take some new pictures of the shop and publish them to the progress page just as soon as I can.
My shop is currently operating less than full-time:

Please notice:  Important and challenging Family medical and logistical matters have recently compelled me to decrease my work schedule in my guitar shop.  I can no longer maintain a full-time on-demand work schedule in the shop.  Although I will continue to sell and work from my shop with the same dedication I always have, I will often have to limit my work there to about 4-5 hours a day, not full time.  Also, in order for me to maintain personal expert attention to each purchase or work order in a reduced schedule, ...I am also now limiting the number of purchase and/or work orders I will actively process at any given time to 2 orders, while any additional orders will wait their turn in line to be actively processed.  A purchase or work order's place in line is based upon the date payment was received.  Once a simple purchase is in active process, it usually takes me 3 to 5 days to pull, unpack, inspect, re-pack and ship an instrument, all with great care,  ....and often takes 5 to 10 days or more if a customer desires work or extra services done prior to shipping.  I can usually provide a reasonably close estimate of (1) where a customer's order would fit in line and, (2) when it will become actively processed and, (3) how long it will take to perform extra work or services a customer might desire be done.  I usually have about 3 to 5 purchase or work orders at any given time;  2 actively being processed while the others wait their place in line for active processing.   Should a Customer need or prefer:  A  non-refundable 20% deposit will hold a guitar for 30 days and hold it's place in line for actively processing, but the balance must be payed in full before I can actively process it.

I cannot always answer inquiries right away, ...but will do so just as soon as possible;  My order of priorities and workload management are:

-- Critical Family matters.
-- ANY business matters in progress.
-- Inquiries about new business matters, such as inquiring about purchasing an item.
-- Casual inquiries about guitar or music industry questions. (Which I do enjoy answering
   whenever I am able to!).
-- Other casual inquiries & matters.

My objective still remains to provide exceptionally good, personal and professional service and low prices for Musicians, ...which I have always respected from other Music Professionals who did the same during my many years of performing.

CLICK HERE to see the next July 9, 2005;
Further reduction in shop activity.
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ll Inventory Intro page ll NOS Danelectros In Stock Page ll Steels Inventory Index ll Guitars Inventory Index ll Contacts II

Dean turned 12 on 2-3-08.  He has been a phoenominally brave little boy and young man having to bear and deal with a massive & aggresive tumor since age 5 which filled and spilled out of his right eye socket by Feb. 2006, pushing his eye out.  Surgery the following month removed the tumor and all of his eye tissues.  His recovery is doing remarkably well, for which we are thankful and grateful beyond measure.  Losing an entire eye is a real challenge for a boy his age, but he takes the cards he's dealt admirably, especially being ADHD and mildy autistic to boot!  Einstein and Isaac Newton had the same type of autism!  Dean understands & deals with his challenges amazingly well;  A real & inspirational soldier.  He is looking forward to getting a prosthetic eye, although he is  patient and trusting in waiting for that to be possible.

Please ask God, however you might perceive and connect with Him, to please watch over and care for Dean we love so dearly, as well as so many other children with challenging troubles.  If you have some connections with Angels, please send them Dean's way if they're not already pre-occupied with Others with worse problems than our's.  Dean and any child should not have to endure such hardships;  But who am I go question God's purposes I truely trust.

Needless to say, there will obviously be times that I once again can't be "johhny on the spot" in replying to your inquiries;  But I will try my best to answer inquiries as I can.


An anonymous Benefactor, an Eye Surgeon neighbor, and two Occularists associates of the surgeon, teamed up to provide Dean a prosthetic eye at no charge to our Family.  What a profound blessing.  CLICK HERE to read the wonderful details.
( )

------------ oOo  ------------

Dean is growing up remarkably well.  His personal identity and confidence has become very good.  He is doing reasonably well in school and better each year, and exceptionally well in areas he discovers more and more being very good at and thus enjoys more and more.  He tests at genius levels in language / abstract comprehension and expression, and abstract spacial comprehension.  He has strong aptitudes for Art and Music, and enjoys and takes pride in expressing them in abstract & eccentric manners;  He says he can see and think about things he doesn't think other people do, and wants to be able to provide what he sees and thinks in art forms.  He intuitively sees, hears and compiles in his mind things that most Artists and Musicians have to be taught in school.   It has been a joy to watch him overcome his challenges and growing up into a respectable young man with a bright / sharp mind and big heart of gold.  Turning 13 years old this coming February, he's now over 6' tall and wears an adult size 13 shoe !  Such a blessing to be MOST Thankful for.
Our dear son Dean's challenges:
~ The Oahu Flood of December 2008 --- A Blessing in Diguise ~

On the evening of Wednesday December 11 and morning or December 12, a 50 year storm circumstance occured on Oahau.  The foothills of our mountains are formed by countless little valleys and gulches.  Big and small tree limbs that break off naturally or during storms get jammed up and form natural dams that collect other debris even rocks and mud, which build quite strong but porous natural dams up where the most of our rain occurs over our moutains and drains into.  Under normal rain and storm situations the water that backs up behind those dams can drain through faster that the water can build up behind them.  But in 1956 and Dec. 11-23 this year we received 14" of rain average in 7 hours ....16" in some places up in the mountains.  Those natural dams could not drain the water fast enough so a large amount of water backed up behind them until they finally not hold it back any longer, and the dams broke and released up to 100' high walls of water that rushed down the natural gulches that drain our island of rain water.  The average of those gulches are about 100' feet deep and 300' wide ....some smaller and some larger.  For lack of a better word, "tsunamis" rushed down the gulches without any warning confining the flash flood wave fronts so that when they reached the leveler coastal regions the waves were still about 100' high when they broke down upon the leveler coastal areas.  The water depth where the gulches go under costal bridges and empty into the ocean, went over some bridges that were 25' above the normal water level !  "Reverse tsunamies" flowed out of the river and stream mouths OUTWARD across the ocean !  Waimea Bay's river funneled a torent wall of water that ran out of the walled Valley's stream and created a series of standing waves approx 30' high all the way out across the ocean to where the oceans incoming waves normally break when the surfs up !

Needless to say, many communities living close to those drainage systems were ruined;  AND MANY homeless people lived in those lower lying gulches and rivers and under their bridges.  Although many people and families were completely wiped out of their possessions, only 1 person is known to have died in the flood, .....and mentally challenged homeless person found drowned in the brushy area he favored as "home".

Our Family had been worried about what our "Santal Clause Inc." Christmas would be like for our 2 teenage boys in this ecomony collapse that has greatly effected us like many other people.  When the storm and flood occured we realized the only home damage we suffered was that our roof got damaged and was leaking so we had to put buckets around the house to catch the leaks;  So it was obvious and we all agreed that we should forget about our Christmas "worries" and go out, find and help the MANY others that were effected badly by the storm and flood.  My 16 year old Son Jesse accompanies me almost the entire 10 days it took to canvass the community and make sure anyone needing help was covered by ample resources.

Like when Jesus fed a multitude with just a few fishes, suddenly our Christamas Season took on a different nature of blessings and happiness being able to help others, and even benefiting ourselves from relief supplies that rushed into all effected neighborhoods by MANY relief agencies and incredibly able and kind people working for those agencies.

Knowing the plight of Others and our Family, my Brother sent our Family some most appreciated cash.  2 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS we realized we had enough money to do some Christmas shopping for the kids and launched that effort "24 / 7".  Although we still haven't got to pack up all the gifts we got for Others, we will do that tommorrow and have to deliver them late;  I'm sure they will understand since the flooding and it's challenges effected the entire island.

On Christmas Eve, I drove all over our community searching for anyone I might find that needed some help for their Christmas Spirits .......AND COULD NOT FIND ANY;  OUR COMMUNITY HAD DONE SO WELL THAT I COULD NOT FIND A SINGLE PERSON IN THE USUAL PLACES THAT NEEDED SOME HELP !

A grand lesson and it's blessing has been learned.  Although the tradition of SAINT Nicholas has a great and meaningful place in the celebrations of Christmas / Jessus's Birthday;  We will never look at Santa Clause Inc. as the "neccessity" it has so often seemed in the past.  Although we've known and felt the need for charity during Christmas, we now know that had no clue of the scope of charity at hand during Christmas (and all other times too).  Our lives have been greatly blessed and changed forever realizing the REAL meaning of Christmas that is MUCH more meaningful and joyful than Santa Clause Inc.  And it's marvelously infectious when so many Others are joined in such efforts as well.  And I have heard from quite a few Friends and acquaintances all over the planet that are expressing pointed opinions that a remarkable change in that direction is occuring this Christams Season, ......which I and Others think have some pointed meaning to extend to all times.

I Thank God and the Good of Mankind for helping deliver me out of the nightmare of malevelant amairkan insanity the last 8 years;  And gives me considerable hope that a critical mass in the USA / America will learn grand and great lessons from the nighmare of the last 8 years, and will expose and ruin the evil self-important license the quite-evil empire dooped so many people and human natures to believe was benevelant and / or that it's evil was neccessary.

Merry Christmas, Boss;  And continue to bless us with your Love, Mercy and lessons.
Feb 16, 2004
Jan 16, 2006
Dec 20, 2008
July 9, 2005
Feb 10, 2008
Jan 8, 2004
As of now I am 58 years old. I have lived a robust life that I am now "paying for" as I age.  I had to medically retire from my commercial and airline pilot career in 1996; So I fell back on my small guitar shop at home.  As many of you know, I had to stop playing music full time back in 2003, and now play only on a casual basis that seems to be less as time passes.  My shop has been closed for walk-in traffic since 2005.  Although I tried very hard, my disabilities aren't getting any better with age and I simply couldn't support full time businesses because it requires full time presence and reliability longer than most Folks normal 9:00 to 5:00 day;  Too long for my aging bones.  And other Family health challenges made supporting the shop full time difficult when not  impossible.  Guitars and my shop is more an avocational love affair now, albeit with the same love and dedication reflected by over 15 years of Folks first hand reports in my homepage guestbook.  I also started having additional difficulties with stress and fatigue when I decided to take on the Veterans Administration for their past incompetent malfeasance in my Veterans Benefits.  So I have been slowly / occasionally liquidating most of my guitars on a casual basis as folks might desire and inquire.  I also enjoy helping folks with guitar questions, to the extent I am able to off and on while managing my disabilities and challenges as best I can.

I Thank everyone so very much that have made this adventure most enjoyable, and wish everyone the Very Best.

~ The horendous rain storm and flood of Dec. 2010 ~
A repeat of the Dec. 2008 Storm and flood.

As though the challenges of the Dec. 2008 storm were not enough, an almost identical storm struck over a week in med Dec.2010.  Temporary roof repairs I made subsequent to the 2008 storm remain unpaid by my insurance company Island Insurance of Hawaii. The temporary repairs I made gave way under the strong wind and rains, and the house roof flooded into the 2nd floor living space attic once again.  That sure puts a crimp in a person's advancements !  So up to the roof and reinforce the previous temporary repairs;  All seems more than adequate for a layman repair.  Seems like Island Insurance would get the point that their stonewalling compensation for professions roof replacement is only compounding their losses with each breach of temporary repairs.  Oh well, some amairkans just won't get it until their cabals collapse from greedy malfeasance.  But all is well after several weeks of cleaning up once again.  No damage at all was done to the shop on the ground floor.
Dec. 21, 2010
This page last updated 9-7-12 and remains current.

Sept. 7, 2012


Please pardon any typos and / or poor writing herein;  This is my first day up after fighting a fever and flu symptoms the last 3 days (viral + bacterial COPD); I am still dizzy and far from my best.

As some of you know from our communication or info on this webpage, I have been fighting several illnesses for quite awhile as I get up there in years, 65 now; The result of having lived a robust life, with my "pedal to the metal" for most of it, and from a fair share of "challenging cards dealt from the shoe".  I medically retired from my airline pilot career in 1996, and over the last 10 years or-so I have periodicly downsized the work and activity in my shop. But now I find it neccessary to put the shop on hold until I can replan and reorganize to fit my aging / declining health and abilities.

Although I've made considerable progress this year, it's not been enough to catch up with most things on "all" fronts falling evermore behind; And each bout with illness compounds the backlog. I simply cannot do as much as I once could.

Over the last 3 months I have had 4 illnesses that each put me down for fair amounts of time.  I have just now broken a 3-day fever that is yet another bout with COPD that is now epidemic over most of the planet. (Please monitor and take care of your children and elder family and friends in that regard). During this period I have watched important matters fall evermore behind even to the point of not being able to post this notice until now.

I an once again faced with trying to determine what I can likely do and likely not, and reorganize things I can likely do while shedding things I will likely not be able to.  I have ceased taking any more new inquiries into my shop.  My shop is 'on hold' except for a few previous matters I must finish as I'm able to.  I feel certain that even if I recovered my health very well today, it would still take me several more months to change course to fit my aging health and to reorganize the backlogged disarray that happens when a person cannot keep things organized in real time.  I feel certain I will have to shop for and recruit a younger partner / protege to take on a lot of the work in the shop, while I oversee things and spend more time trying to regain my health.

So now that I can get this info posted here, I must inform you that I no longer have any idea when I might be able to reorganize and resume work in my shop nor in what form / services that might be, ....most likely a Retirment work of Love as I might be able to from time to time, or find a partner to take most of the actual work load that requires reliability.  There is no reason to try to continue taking work into the shop when the chances seem good that I will not be able to comply with requests in a reasonable amount of time, and maybe not at all if I continue to go down with illnesses and thus the backlog of important family matters and shop matters continue to compound and only the most critical matters can be addressed.

So if you can find someone else that can serve your needs / desires, then I suggest you consider doing so.  I really wish I could, but can no longer do so reliably.

I want to Thank the countless people who have made the evolution of my shop a very enjoyable affair over the last 17 years. It has been a joy.

Wishing You the Very Best,
Denny Turner