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1965 Silvertone Harmony model S1478
With Original Fibreboard Case
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Structural Refurbishment Finished;
Cleaning to go:
(Cleaning done 1-25-09)
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At this point in the progress my camera went tits-up and no longer works.

This Rascal guitar was finished and vacuum packed moisture proof and securely
into it's case and the case vacuum packed moisture proof for secure shipping.
The case exterior cleaned up quite nicely, and the interior vacuumed-out quite nicely.

The case is now sound and has the appearance of a well repaired period / era correct case.

Items that were not done due to essence of time:

--- Hinges and latches corrosion was not masked-off and brushed.
--- Hinges were not oiled (time required to allow and wipe off oil runs).
--- Blow out repairs were not repainted to match the surrounding covering.
--- Leather lid stop brace should be wet with a leather refresher or flexible glue such as water soluble and thinned vinyl
    glue or water-based and thinned vinyl repair paint used as a wet soak reinforcer.
--- Miscellaneous broken short hem thread runs were not reglued underneath as is common repair for same;
   Although a luggage repair shop could re-hem those broken threads, most likely after also glueing them down.