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1965 Silvertone Harmony model S1478
With Original Fibreboard Case
~ Page 38;  Rehabbing Neck Screw Holes ~
(Fresh nesting flat tooth picks to guarantee correct piloting of screws)
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Tips for attaching the neck:
See NEXT PAGE;  Fine finishing of the screw holes and neck pocket shim  >>>
Shootz;  While I'm at it I may as well rehab the neck heel screw holes again;  It certainly won't hurt and my moving the neck laterally in it's pocket during initial set-up and testing, would have slightly loosened these holes too;  And nothing at all to it, ....and good guitar maintenance practice for most screw holes when the opportunity presents itself.
Again;  Stuff the holes with flat toothpicks, small ends into the holes, and break them off flush with the holes:
Now take the bamboo chopstick "punch" to tap the toothpicks down into their holes ....below the top of the holes so that the toothpicks will not interfere with a good tight fit of the neck heel to neck pocket joint:
Compare the right two holes that have been punched down, with the left hole that has not yet been punched down:
To set the screws at just the right depth for mounting the neck:  Feel each hole with a finger on the bottom and screw the screw in until the finger feels the sharp point of the screw reach the finger.  Rub across the hole to make sure the screw tip is not sticking out any further than the hole.  This will stage the screws in a manner that can eliminate a number of agrivations trying to insert them once the neck is registered and clamped down to receive the screws.