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1965 Silvertone Harmony model S1478
With Original Fibreboard Case
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See NEXT PAGE;  Rehabbing neck screw holes  >>>
Notice that when I remove the third screw, then neck will come off, ....calling for a bit different approach.
With the neck off I simply use my fingers to make a bottom of the hole, and use the same proceedure as shown on the previous page.  Using a finger as a bottom leaves only one hand to work with, which is a bit slower than having two hands;  But having done this many times it's quicker with a finger than to mask-off and remove a bottom.
Breaking off the toothpicks:
Now the toothpick ends must be broken off and cleaned up in the neck pocket:
.......And the debris swept from around the screws and out of all the corners of the pocket:
And the finished product.  Notice that since we didn't screw the screws all the way down, there is tight wood that the screw threads didn't cut into (seating the wood against the walls), and will provide additional tightness when the screws are screwed down during the neck mounting: