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1965 Silvertone Harmony model S1478
With Original Fibreboard Case
~ Page 2;  Back Views ~
This guitar is not a pristine closet relic.  It has paid it's dues and has the standard finish marks to show it.  When an old experienced guitar like this is cleaned up and set up well, many people endear it's "battle scars" .....including myself.  The battle scars are a nice and meaningful contrast to the rest of the guitar looking and playing in top shape again.  And I know these guitars appreciate a good rejunvenation and return to their purpose in life, not put away in deafening silence in some case coffin.
The neck is straight (not warped) and the back is in excellent smoothe condition.  I will later recommend an oil I will use allot in this guitars rejuvenation, and show how well it works for many rejuvenation tasks, including renewing the finish quite well, and making a smoothe neck-back a real joy to play.
A closer look at the bent tuner knob shaft.  It's a very easy and innocuous job to bend it back into proper alignment with a soft cuff inserted into a pair for proper sized vice grips and proper slow bending moments (directions and tensions).  The tuners nominal corrosion will also clean up quite nicely, leaving a nice patina that speaks of the guitars age and experience.  Finish wear around a headstock edge says "I've been around the block quite a few times .....and will show you as soon as this Player lights me up".
Tucked in and time for bed after a long day.  Sleep well and dream rest-assured that day light will come again tommorrow and being locked away for far too long in a case coffin is a thing of the past.  The case will now be yer refurbished Oldsmobile taking you between getting to light yer soul up time and time again.
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