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1965 Silvertone Harmony model S1478
With Original Fibreboard Case
~ Page 27; 27 Dec. 2008;  New neck rehab page 2 of 2  ~
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A close look shows some sheen on the touchup to be better satinized.
Ahhhh .....much better.
Backing off a bit to show it's nominal apparance.
An obstrusive wear chip was touched up at end of tuner rack.  Toothpick is holding tuner rack off of headstock for the touchup.
An obstrusive scar at neck wrist was touched up in a manner to reduce it's apparance and look like a more natural scar.  These spots can be further touched up to become invisible if desired, sequentially filling with black acrylic fingernail polish drops allowed to dry overnight between drops sequences, building up a slight dome that is then compounded / polished down to a matching sheen.
With wet work done and dried, the scalloping is planed off of the fretboard between frets 1 through 5.