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1965 Silvertone Harmony model S1478
With Original Fibreboard Case
~ Page 25;  17 Dec. 2008;  Fretboard and Headstock Cleanup ~
Refacing frets that doing so would benefit.  The past owners / players of this guitar played almost entirely on frets nearer to the nut, which makes the job much easier.
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Refacing just makes the frets play smoother, ....although the frets were not that bad at all:
That aughta do it !
Lookin' good !  ---  Slight scalloping between the first 4 frets will be planed in future steps.
Lemon oil finishes the fretboard work, ...except that planing will be done once all "wet" work is done.
Tuning machines were removed, cleaned up, straightened up, and reinstalled.
A length of heavier gauge string is run through the tuners to prevent any ferrules from falling out / off.

The bare spot under the "S" in Silvertone looks obtrusive to me, so I will touch it up with black paint and an artists brush, then satinize & naturalize the touchup.
Yessir......  looks much better.