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1965 Silvertone Harmony model S1478
With Original Fibreboard Case
~ Page 24;  17 Dec. 2008;  Assembling & Installing Vibrato ~
Donor guitar's better-condition vibrato cleaned up and ready for installation.
see NEXT PAGE;  Fretboard and Headstock cleanup  >>>
Hand cleaning screws with PB Blaster capillary penetrating oil and a brass wire brush.
Inside of vibrato cover also cleaned up better than the original cover.
Installed. -------  Chuckle you Rascal;  Our day of reckoning will come !
Body ready to be put to bed while new neck is rehabbed.
Parts can also be cleaned with a dremel wire wheel once allowing wet PB Blaster to work on the part for a few minutes.
HOWEVER, hold the part with a folded paper towel and NOT with a rag (see image after this one for why).
IF YOU HOLD A PART WITH A RAG WHILE CLEANING WITH ANY ELECTRIC MOTORED WIRE WHEEL, I GUARANTEE YOU THAT THE WIRE WHEEL WILL GRAB THE RAG WITH SURPRISING FORCE THAT WILL MOST OFTEN CAUSE A PHYSICAL INJURY OR MESS SOMETHING UP.  BUT if you use a paper towel the wire wheel will only tear away some of the paper it grabs without any force yanking the part out of your hand / fingers.