What the heck do collectors and / or vendors of musical instruments, fancy cars, wine (et al) mean by Reserve anyway? A personal collection?  Denoting things that should be special to someone? ...anyone?  As far as musical items go, I think Reserve has come to mean things special to the owner, and not neccessarily to anyone else.  The common term 'harem' is usually synonymous.

I have been a professional Musician for 51 years, and a technician for 44 years.  I love musical instruments.  I love dealing with GOOD people, whether or not they are beginners or seasoned veterans.  So if you have any questions or input then don't be shy in asking, even if it's just for some help.

Some of my musical items are part of my personal harem / reserve;  And their value TO ME is reflected in the prices I have put on them.  I'm not twisting anyone's arm to buy them, and my feelings won't be hurt if I don't sell them.  I have stopped marking items held in reserve on my website inventory list(s), because too many amateurs confused 'reserve' with that word being used a lot on auction websites;  So if some price might seem unusually out of line to some Folks, then that item might very well be something I reserve.  Although, ....reserve pricing and value to me is most often not out of line with a number of other Vendors / Folks pricing things as they see fit for any number of reasons.  Almost anything in life is for sale at some price, I suppose, particularly during difficult economies & financial times for us common Folks (damn the MIC empire scumbags and bobbleheads, and "our" punk Congress they have so thoroughly hi-jacked.  ~~~~~~~  I am also often motivated to sell due to the financial strains encurred by the setbacks and challenges of our Family's medical challenges.

So feel free to inquire if you have a SERIOUS interest in anything priced higher than you think it should be;  It's probably an item I deem reserve;  But please don't expect some exceptionally good windfall deal on high priced items;  If that's what you expect or intend, then save us both the time of fruitlessly bandering over such things.

I am often interested in trades;  So don't be reluctant to suggest a trade you might have in mind. Trades can often offset Reserve pricing;  You might have something you don't particularly endear but I might.

Thank You
and Very Best Wishes

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