Nioma Lap Steel
Silver / Gray / Black MOTS over solid wood
Very attractive cubism deco design / shape
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Strings are loosened to remove pickup cover for photos.
The pickup cover and bridge hand-rest cover plate are removed here to Inspect and show content details under the covers.
Hand-rest cover plate removed:
Pickup top is not deformed;  The jagged lines are a liquid plastic poured over the pickup at the factory to hold the blade firm in the bobbin.  The pickup is mounted on 2 heavy metal rails that are screwed into the top edge of the back of the pickup cavity.  All wiring looks good and secure.
Pickup cover removed:
Original bakelite "radio" knob.  The pot mounting plate is brass.  The interesting patterns on the pot mounting plate is caused by the electronics eddy current effecting the ageing and deterioration of the paint over many years.  Screws are temporarily removed here so I could look at the electronics under the plate.
Buck Rogers' spaceship ready for blast off !