Magnatone Leilani Steel Guitar Amplifier
Sky blue pearloid / "MOTS"
c.e. 1947.

Manufactured by Magnatone of Los Angeles; 1947 - 1955.

Marketed both as a set with a matching blue pearloid Leilani model Hawaiian (lap steel) Guitar,
or as a stand alone "parlor" instrument amp.

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Overview of amp
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Serial number 13054 places this amp in early production, most likely 1947 as interpolated from a known 1953 serial number 45727.  The Hawaiian Music craze started to wane in the early 1950's, further making this amp's serial number likely 1947.
Although the 8" speaker has no ID numbers at all, it is identical to other Magnatone Leilani amps speakers a few years later with first 3 speaker code digits 395 designating Oxford, and model number 75K, imprinted on those.  See example on XXXXXthisXXXXX page.
Further signifying that this amp is ce. 1947 is no model name printed on back and the type of screws and lower counter-sink washers used, shown at the arrows below.  By the early 1950's the silver smaller capacitor can shown below was changed to a smaller sized capacitor in the circuits under the chassis.  ---  2 inputs; On / Off / Volume chicken head knob. 
Handle is molded Bakelite that matches the On / Off / Volume knob.
Dimensions are slightly larger than 11" width, 11" height and slightly smaller than 7" depth.

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