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Magnatone Consolette Steel Guitar & 'My Pal' Amp / Stand Set

~ Page 3; Some Initial Amp Details Views ~
I am not sure if this Jensen speaker is original or not.  Oxford speakers are common on similar amps of the 1940's.  I think this amp's and Steel's vintage is 1953.  I am still researching to try to determine if this speaker is original to the amp or not.  There will surely be tell-tale signs on the amp as well as online data as I progress.
This is the only code number on the back of the speaker frame.  It does not fit any industry standard speaker code numbers I am aware of.  I am guessing that since the speaker is labeled Jensen and has PM (code?) and series name, then this number on the frame might mean the 27th week of 1952;  But I am still trying to find the significance of this 4 digit number.  Although PM might appear to be a quality code, the label's Standard Series is is conflict with P being Jensen's code for Concert Series, ...while some Jensen codes use M for Musical Instrument application.  You probably already know what all this means .....SO EMAIL ME AND LET ME KNOW !
Parts holding bin:
I had hoped to photograph the faint tube value numbers but they didn't show up in the picture.

5Y3 is the rectifier.  Half of the 6SL7 is used for the preamp and the other half for phase inversion.  The 6V6 is the power amp tube.  The best I can tell so far is that this amp's output is around 10 watts.  I will know more when I pull and copy this amp's schematic from my schematic CD.  I will post the schematic on the progression of webpages here.
OK, .....Before I go any farther;  Everything has to be inspected and approved by the Beach Mojos:
Cool;  They approve.
See Page 4 ;  Internal Views of Steel Guitar  >>>

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