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Magnatone Consolette Steel Guitar & 'My Pal' Amp / Stand Set

~ Page 2; Disassembly for Inspection; Amp Overview ~
The top of the amp chassis contains the jacks, knob, pilot light and fuse holder;  And faces up in the recess in the back of the cabinet's top.  The transformers are on the front of the amp chassis that faces forward like the speaker does.

Below you will see where I did some test cleaning of the painted top of the amp chassis, so I could get a good idea of what the brownish colored "stuff" was that's still surrounding the knob and pilot light (not yet scrubbed).  I first lightly scrubbed some Ace Lube-E oil onto the painted surface with the toothbrush.  It should be applied by spraying a generous small spot on a rag and then wiped on thoroughly with the rag, then wiped off with a different clean soft rag.  I then used diluted Simple Green to lightly scrub the brown "stuff" off with the toothbrush.

The brownish "stuff" is years of hand oils that have collected dust and everything else that floats around in the air.

Sidenote:  Ace Hardware Lube-E oil is GREAT for rejuvenating plastics and paints loss of oil in aging, and for innocuously soaking into the oily grime that usually builds up on old instruments and amps.  Ace Lub-E does not harm even the most delicate old plastics nor paint / finishes, ....and is even guarnateed not to on the can.  I have used Lub-E on guitars for many years with never any ill effect whatsoever, even as a polish for plastics and finishes ....which LOVE it because it rejuvenates their age lost oils.
The remaining pictures on this page are of the amp's guts, which I have not yet inspected in detail.  I will post results of all inspections and work, to these webpages being made as work progresses.
See Page 3;  Views of some amp details  >>>

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