Magnatone Consolette Steel Guitar & 'My Pal' Amp / Stand Set

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This is the initial posting of the first pictures of the initial disassembly to inspect and clean up this Steel and Amp set.

Only the jack / knob / pilot light top of the amp chasis has been partially cleaned so-far, to determine the nature of some brownish film on that surface that is likely to be found in some form on other surfaces where hands have touched the amp allot.

During a clean up and inspection it is most common to find a number of items worthy of noting / archiving here.

Additional pictures, and text notes where indicated, will be added as clean up and inspection work progresses.  Pics of an instrument's / amp's guts are good to archive, as is pertinent data found during inspection and work.

Editing and uploading text and pics takes time and usually runs around 2 to 3 days behind actual work.

An page of itemized work items and their statuses will be added when the Steel and Amp disassembly is completed and an initial inspection done to compile a list from.  So far it looks like work will be pretty much standard clean up.  But I like to document as much as I can for your / my future reference and anyone else that might be searching for data.

A Site Map for this guitar / amp set will be added for easy navigation as more pages are added.
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Here is the Steel / Amp set on the work bench with the Steel's stand extended to it's maximum height for playing standing up.

The top of the stand screws into a receiver within the Steel's body.  The 2 tubes of the stand are simply a heavy duty microphone stand.  The lower tube runs through a tight metal cuff in the amp's top and is secured on a block of wood in the bottom of the amp cabinet, seen better in the second picture on this page.
Here is the Steel stand at it's lowest height for playing while sitting down.
This is the removeable, MOTS covered, wood back piece that screws into the bare wood blocks on the left and right side of the upper rear portion of the amp cabinet.
This Steel's tuners are on the top of the rear / butt of the guitar and operated by an allen wrench.  The strings ball ends insert into a receiver located on top of the Nut end of the guitar.
This Steel's tuners;  Operated with an allen wrench at the top of verticle allen-head tuner string shafts.  I have found that a common allen wrench has too short of an arm / throw for fine tuning these tuners.  A longer wood handle could be installed on an allen wrench, or a metal tube welded or epoxied on which could coated in liquid rubber dip commonly sold at hardware stores to coat hand tools handles, a longer arm that would facilitate finer tuning.
Player's-side view of Steel.  The riser on the pickup end is a hand rest.