Kawai / Teisco
4 "nuclear" Teisco pickups; 6 Rocker Switches; Sophisticated circuit.

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Page 1:
Top Views From Bass Bout angle.
And a side page:
Dealing with Kawai / Teisco non-intoned bridges.

Page 2:
Backside Views.

Page 3:
Top Treble Bout Angles and Neck Views.

Page 4: 

Page 5:
Disassembled and Layout Preparation Views.

Page 6: 
Pickups / Electronics Harness Views.

Page 7:
Pickup and Rocker Switch Internal Details.

Page 8:
Schematic and circuits.

And side pages:
Switches and pots functions for Playing.

The Circuits & Switching Logic.

Page 9:
More views of electronics, Neck, Headstock and Truss Rod access.

Page 10:
Truss rod access screw hole repair.

Page 11:
Preliminary Assembly 1.
Side Page:
Fabricating a Vibrato Arm.

Page 12:
Preliminary Assembly 2.

Page 14:
Neck Joint screw holes refurbish.

Page 15:
Neck pocket gauged and planed.

Page 16:
Taping, masking and touch-up painting inside of cutaway horns.

Page 17:
Noteworthy work in reassembly & set-up.

Page 18:
Guitar Finished

Page 19:
Packing inner carton

Page 20:
Packing into outer carton

Workl List Page:
Work needed / suggested, work done, work I will do.

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