Excel Jerry Byrd Frypan Steel Guitar
with Original Hardshell Case. SN 033

PREVIOUS OWNER REPORTS:  JERRY BYRD FRYPAN LAP STEEL GUITAR.  This guitar was designed by the renowned STEEL GUITAR PLAYER, JERRY BYRD (THE MASTER OF TOUCH AND TONE).  This LAP STEEL GUITAR is in WONDERFUL CONDITION.  IT  HAS A 22 1/2 INCH SCALE. Any collector would be proud to add this vintage piece of musical history to their collection.  The ORIGINAL case is included with this guitar.

DENNY'S NOTE:  This Steel is personally designed by Jerry Byrd, and "Fuzzy" Fujii, owner of Excel Steel Guitar Company.  It is an evolutionary design / version stemming from the original Rickenbacher Frying Pan and the Jerry Byrd / Shot Jackson Fry Pan Steels;  Evolutionary meaning that this last Jerry Byrd designed Frypan has slight changes Jerry felt would improve the design evolution.  It is important to note that Jerry Byrd was a perfectionist and would not put his name on a product of his design or colaboration until he was satisfied with it.

This Steel is an absolute joy to play and hear.  ~~~~~~~  Top shelf.
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The Man himself;
The incomparable

Jerry Byrd
Master of Touch and Tone.
1920 - 2005

My dear Friend, Teacher and Mentor.

Visit my memorial tribute to this grand
giant of a Man, Musician and Teacher.

Jerry's personal endorsement
of the JB Frypan Steel
The Excel Steel Guitar Company
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PLEASE NOTICE:  This is a steel guitar that I purchased for myself. It is very dear to me because Jerry was my Teacher, mentor and good Friend. Awhile back I was forced to list it for sale due to family illnesses. When family illnesses were no longer critical and selling this steel (and just about anything else my family had) was no lonber required, I removed this steel from my guitar shop inventory / for sale list. It is no longer for sale.