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Tweed fiberboard case housing this
Viola Shaped Harmony Steel Guitar

Previous owner reported:  Case is in Fair condition with lots of wear marks.  The latches securely latch and the Steel fits snugly within a towel insert.

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This case was not made for this Steel Guitar and is larger than a proper normal case fit.  However, if a towel is placed in the case as should be done anyway with any decent guitar, especially in a vintage fibreboard case, then this Steel fits snugly and has room for assessories above the Steel's headstock after the towel is folded over the Steel in place.

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I REALLY enjoy this kind of gear.  Walk into a jam session and everyone that's paying attention notices the case with respect and much anticipation of what's in it, ....looking you up and down for clues of what to expect;  Only to become even more excited when this steel is taken out and they wonder what you're gonna "do" with it.  As quietly and politely as a well seasoned Musician, you have the grand opportunity to start slowly building up to putting the icing on the cake.  ~~~~~~~  And shootz, even if you're not yet up to blowing the roof off the place, .....a professional attitude and budgeting with the right notes will claim the points that were setup when you walked in with this gear.

And of course this gear would also fit right into the most reserved or hottest Music acts.

I would not be disappointed at all if no-one bought this Steel and it stayed in my stable of most favorite instruments.
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