Harmony Special Addition Silhouette
The 'Cadillac' of Silhouettes
...and a red Cadillac at that.  The only color this guitar came in !
Made only for Silvertone.  Model 1488.
~~~ 3 DeArmong Golden Tone Pickups, Block Inlay, 3 Rocker Switches, Tremelo, Lipstick Red ~~~
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Page 1;

Page 2;
Top views

Page 3;
Bottom views

Page 4;
Close views of few dings

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Page 5;
Switches and knobs functions intro
Page 5.b:
Switches and knobs functions charts:
Schematic page:
Electronics schematic

Work Page 1:
Bridge and vibrato Inspections, removal and clean-up.

Work Page 2:
Body, neck and headstock inspections.

Work Page 3:
Pickguard / electronics assembly inspections, removal and clean-up.

Work Page 4:
Dealing with the bridge glue.

Work Page 5:
Reassembly of pickguard / electronics and vibrato.

Work Page 6:
Investigating retrofit of a roller bridge for vibrato action.

Work Page 7:
BLANK; Reserved for roller bridge work if desired.

Work Page 8:
Work list, progress and info.

Work Page 9:
Electronics schematic.

Work Page 10:
Trussrod cover repair.

Work Page 11:
Rear pickguard's body screw hole repair.

Work Page 12:
Vibrato arm swap out with donor Silhouette
Page 12.b:
Donor vibrato arm cleaned up & compared to new replacement arm for donor guitar.

No bad-luck page 13

Page 14.a:
Strings ground wire solution.
Page 14.b:
Preparing for the camouflage paint.
Page 14.c:
Applying the camouflage paint.
Page 14.d:
Securing the wire's mobility.

Page 15:
Guitar strung, tested and set up for finding bridge intonation datum.

Page 16:
Marking the intonated bridge datum.

Page 17;
Applying the tape friction footing to the pickguard and bridge.

Page 18:
Bridge reglue;
(And vibrato arm curvature shape footnote).

Page 19:
The intoned saddle slots angular displacement.
(Forethought considerations; ahead of the curve)

Page 20:
Overview of guitar almost finished.

Page 21:
Case repairs.

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Nesting guitar into case 1.
Page 22.b:
Nesting guitar into case 2.
Page 22.c:
Carton fabrication.
Page 22.d:
Packing into cartons.

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Work Page 8 in the above links lists all work done and items remaining.

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