Harmony Royal Tone; EH style Lap Steel

PREVIOUS OWNER REPORTS:  a very nice old Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar. There is no name that I have found. By the overall look and the bakelite knobs I would place this lap steel in the 40's to 50's. It is in very good-excellent condition and when its plugged into my old Silvertone bass amp it sings beautifully. The bakelite volume and tone knobs work flawlessly. The stenciled design on the headstock is perfect as is the stenciled grayish green fretboard. There is one tuner that has a part of the knob missing - they all work. There is a vintage steel slide and the case is servicable with one latch unattached. The nickel/chrome metal hardware and pickup are all in excellent shape. The input jack is hardwired to the guitar from the factory and still works fine. This guitar measures 31 3/4" tall X 9" wide.

DENNY'S NOTE:  This is a Royal Tone made by Harmony; The tulip crown on the headstock is Royal Tone's trademark.  The satin black finish is in remarkably good era / period condition.  The pickup is the renowned DeArmond P13 Tone Enhancer "speed bump" aka "soap dish" pickup common on old Harmony, Gibson, Kay, Old Kraftsman and Kalamazoo guitars;  Popular with many authentic-Blues players; Great dynamic tones.  The guitar plays and sounds great.  This Steel is right on the cusp of VG-EX 99%, and the case is in VG 70% era / period condition.

The steel bar is no longer with this guitar.


--- Tuner knobs / buttons need replacing.  I will do that for $30 if desired.
--- One case latch is detached.  I will repair for $20 if desired.

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DeArmond P13 Tone Enhancer pickup;  predecessor to the P90.   Bakelite knobs.
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Royal Tone tulip / crown headstock motif. Normally deteriorated tuner knobs.
Satin BLACK finish for card-carrying Pro Outlaws and those aspiring to be !
Ready for all music styles from sweet Hawaiian to Country,
Swing, Jazz, and butt kicking Blues, Rock and Hotrod Country !
Grits and Poi. Woo your Hula Girl's scruples away !