Note:  These pics were taken BEFORE I cleaned this steel up.  It cleaned up very well and is quite handsome, sounds great, and plays very well;  In all styles from mellow Hawaiian, Jazz, Swing, or outrageous blues and over the top rock tones.

( The black overspray on the work table has nothing at all to do with this Steel ).
Harmony Deco EH Lap Steel;  ce. 1950
Model H3 made from 1947 thru 1951.
BLACK laquer, rectangular trapeziod deco body, top & back binding,  P13 "Speedbump" pickup.
Excellent 99% Period Condition


--- Handsome art-deco design.
--- Solid wood.
--- Thru body neck.
--- Original satin laquer finish.  BLACK for you outlaw Pro's & aspirers!
--- White body binding top and botom edges.
--- Clear Plexiglas fretboard; White w/ black fret and deco position markers printed on underside.
--- DeArmond P13 Tone Empasizer TM "speedbump" aka "soap dish" pickup.  Predecessor to the P90.
--- Plays / sounds great.
--- Pots are free, smooth and noiseless.
--- Reverse wired tone pot for finger controlled boo-wah (wah wah) effect.
--- Harmony radio style deco bakelite knobs.
--- Chromed brass handrest will remove with 2 small screws if desired for hand blocking.
--- Beefy, stainless, "quarter round" bridge; roots strings at rear V clasps; Stainless mounting screws at each  lateral end reach deep into the body for sustain.
--- 22.5" scale length.
--- I have cleaned this Steel up expertly, including the minor corrosion shown in these pics;  The 
   Steel and it's hardware are now very nice.
--- A remarkably cool and nice Steel.



--- Very small / minor dings & chips in paint finish.
--- Small paint separation along body-back wood joints. (caused by different ageing rates and characteristics of the 3 slabs).
--- There are no other issues with this Steel.
------------ oOo ------------
The bent tuning shaft above has now been repaired.
The white dust on this steel and it's case was obviously associated with the previous owner (fingerprints and all);  A baker?  A Drywaller?  ....or having one helluva good time!  It wiped right off revealing a handsome satin black finish.
TRICK:  Bare wood showing from dings, checking and along wood joints (caused by two different wood pieces aging differently), can be covered up by hand rubbing Kiwi paste shoe polish into such marks and hand buffing / polishing (allow to dry overnight before use);  Which does not disturb an instrument's originality any more than guitar polish.
------------ oOo ------------
PLEASE NOTICE: The case shown in these pics is no longer available for this Steel.
I have other vintage and modern hard shell cases for this Steel, and shipping would
be almost free for the case since it would only add about 5 lbs to shipping the Steel.