~ Late 1950's Danelectro Convertible ~
Blonde woodgrain top and back.

Page 6 of 6;  Some Views of Parts:
I will post a picture exhibition if this guitar gets to my bench for a detailed
clean-up and replacement of the tuner string shaft and strap buttons.

And of course I will do whatever degree of work a Customer might desire in purchasing this guitar.

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See pre-shipping work for the Customer who purchased this guitar:  >>>
The dull sheen on the pickup here is just many years of accumulated body oil & sweat.  The pickup will clean right up to a nice aged patina with a rub-down of penetrating oil on brown sack paper.  All old Danelectro screws were a stainless grade and always clean right up with a dremel after an overnight soak in penetrating oil sprayed & pooled in the bottom of a tin can;  Rust spots on them leach from microscopic  steel spots in the stainless metal.
Here again is hand sweat oil accumulated on the tail piece and not wiped off when the guitar was sat unplayed for a considerable amount of time.  And again, it will clean up to a nice shining chrome patina.
Shown here and 2 pictures higher above, is a white paint mark that rubbed off when something
white came in contact with the edge of the guitar.  It too will clean off quite easily and well.
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