Here are some pages of pictures of this guitar with it only being wiped down of dust stuck onto body oils residue.  It has not yet made it to my work bench for a detailed cleanup and replacement of it's tuner string shaft and strap buttons.  I would of course do any work on this guitar that Customer might desire when purchased.

For Those that might not yet know:  These Convertibles have a very unique sound for slide , lap steel, fingered blues, etc.  The sound is acousticly boxy like old blues spanish guitars, yet a distinct resonator-like sound into an amp.  Turn up the amp gain and you get "johhny winter" on steroid resonator-like sounds.  The best acoustic resonator-like tones come from the tone pot rolled way back to the sweet spot where the treble first starts coming on in the pot's sweep;  Trim it slightly toward treble for metallic resonator sounds, or slightly toward the bass end of the sweet spot for wooden resonator-like sounds, and fine trim the tone filter with the volume control.  Roll the volume back in the 7 to 8 range for acoustice sounds, and all the way up for high gain banshee slide with high amp gain.  Allot of fun to play in the styles the guitar is particularly suited for;  And quite easy to hook up with those sounds after an hour or-so making Friends with the guitar.
~ Late 1950's Danelectro Convertible ~
Blonde woodgrain top and back.

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