Background of Task

History and Data for Original Vintage Danelectro Bridges

Evets / Danelectro Version of Gotoh Intoneable Bridge; Won't Fit Vintage Danelectros

Preferred Options

Fitting Bridge --- Bridge Parts Layout

Staging Bridge Onto Existing Mis-aligned Screw Holes for Proof of Concept

Doweling Original Bridge Mount Holes for Realignment With New Bridge

Bridge Initial Installation

Fill Capping Dowels and Holes

Primer and Top Coat Fills

Blending in the Repair Coats With Old Finish

Electronics Work, Pictures, Shematics & Signal Path

Electronics Repair

Assembling the Loaded Body.

Final Assembling

Bridge Detailing and neck gouge treatment

Stringing the Scorpion's New Bridge

Scorpion Strung

Dorothy Worries

Scorpion Finished Pics 1

Scorpion Finished Pics 2