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Background of Danelectro reissue 12 string bridges.

Evets Corp. / Danelectro designed and built the 1998-2003 Reissue guitars almost identical to Danelectro masonite guitars manufactured between 1957 and 1965.  Evets planned to manufacture a surplus of parts to market bubble-wrapped as retrofit replacement parts for their reissue guitars and thus for vintage Danelecgtro guitars, ...and advertised that plan to jobbers and dealers, ...and had just begun those parts distribution when Evets ceased production of Danelectro guitars in 2003.  With unofficial help from Evets sales Reps, word soon got around that the reissue parts would retrofit as replacement parts for vintage Danelctro guitars.  Since no other intoneable bridge would retrofit onto vintage Danelectro guitars, ...Danelectro enthusiasts were delighted by the intonation tuneable 6-string bridge Danelectro introduced in 2000 that fit right onto vintage Danelectro guitars.  12-string guitars with intoneable bridges followed soon after.  Unwittingly, many people (including me) understood that the 12 string bridge would also undestructively retrofit onto vintage 12 strings;  But as I have now discovered, ...it won't without mods.

When I spoke to my parts supplier (on several occasions over the last several years), they erroneously (and surely innocently) intimated that the Danelectro 12-string intoneable bridges would retrofit onto vintage Danelectro guitars.  After recently ordering a 12-string reissue bridge to retrofit onto this project's Danelectro Scorpion, I have discovered that the Reissue 12 string bridges would require destrutive modifications to a vintage Danelectro guitar for those bridges to work as configured from the factory;  (see "Task History" and "Options").  But it's an understandable mistake on the salesmens' part since unless a person looked very closely at the mounting screws scheme under the many small parts of the Reissue 12 string guitar bridges, and actually measured the mounting and saddles reach against the vintage guitars' scale length, it would be easy to think the 12 string bridges would retrofit vintage 12 string guitars (they will retrofit if a person desires to drill new mounting holes and string-thru-body holes in a vintage instrument).  Original vintage Danelectro guitars do not have a string-thru-body scheme but root the string ball ends at the rear of the bridge plate and use the same straight, fixed, rosewood bridge saddle for their 12 strings as for their 6 string guitars.

Another erroneous distraction in thinking the reissue bridge would retrofit, is that a string-thru-body bridge design doesn't neccessarily mean the bridge will not work in a purely bridge-rooted strings configuration;  A good example being modern Telecaster bridges that afford both string-thru-body and bridge string rooting.  But not so with Danelectro's new 12 string bridge.

This project's webpages provide details of considerations for non-destructively installing a new reissue 12 string tuneamatic bridge onto a Vintage Danelectro, ....OR NOT, ......AND the best alternatives I can find to do that.
Reissue DC12
Hodad 12
New DC12
(Not a reissue in any sense)
The reissue and new 12 string bridge in detail:
String-pairs-block fore-aft
adjustment screws.
String ball-end receiver hole for the spanish string, ...And fore-aft adjustment slider lock-down screw for the rear rooted string on each String Pairs block.
A Dupler string is fed up thru the body and bridge plate then passes over the saddle in the front of the fore-aft string-pair block / screw boss.
The spanish strings root into back of the bridge plate.
The 6 dupler strings go down into the saddle boss and through the body, with the string ball ends secured by ferrules on the back.
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Bottom of reissue bridge plate and block
Choice of long or short reach threaded holes for spanish string saddle adjustment screw.
RED:  Holes that would require destructive drilling to install reissue bridge as designed.

YELLOW:  Holes for factory mounting screws.  ( The screws seem too small / inadequate to me, for optimum mounting  security and sound conduction).

GREEN:  Existing holes to be enlarged and counter-sunk to mount bridge in the vintage fashion.
Spanish string ball-end receiver holes.
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Non-destructively fitting an intoneable 12 string bridge onto a vintage Danelectro
Developing a professional solution for consumer-level retrofitting where none can be found among experts
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Webpages provided for owner of guitar and participating technicians
Shown below are the details for the new reissue 12 string tuneamatic bridge:
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Saddle for the dupler string.
Screw tensioned, independently froe-aft adjustable saddle for the spanish string.