1954 or 55 Danelectro "C" / Peanut
Howlin Red Wolf Road Warrior

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DENNY'S NOTE:  Now this has GOT to be the most mojo-soaked, rat-rod, howlin wolf road warrior I have ever seen.  When I received and unpacked this guitar I immediately took a STRONG likin' to it; ....kinda like findin' yer own wounded red wolf bitch licking her wounds and wantin' a home;  And yep, she has a decal of a red howlin wolf.  If it's not the first year Danelectro made guitars (1954), then it's certainly a 1955.  The pickups appear to be later 1950 pickups, although there were some lipstick pickups put on the very last of these "C" aka Peanut guitars in transitioning to the masonite bodies, more-conventional necks with coke bottle headstocks.  All the major hallmark parts of the '54-'55 Peanuts are there;  Bell headstock, aluminum square tube running from the headstock all the way through the body to the bridge, Peanut body, even some of the maroon tweed-like covering (maroon marks it as a Silvertone), and period-correct electronics.  But somebody has went to work "customizing" this guitar to his / her liking ....cutting out different colors of thin metalflake plastic sheet for a pickguard, controls plate and  lightning bolts on the pickguard and headstock.  It looks like he decided to finish peeling off the laquered fabric (tweeb) these Peanut Danelectro bodies were covered with;  But then decided about halfway through that it had achieved the character is was meant to have for awhile, and left it at that.  GOOD, ....I can see the insides and back of tabs of the material as well as it's underlyings;  Something impossible to do with one in good shape or refinished.  This thing looks like she's seen the inside of every smoky bar and pool-hall between Nawlins and Shy.  There must be at least an ounce of nicotine tar seasoned into her like a top-coat.  Lookin' at the neck with it's one surface of the exposed fat aluminum tube running up the back of the neck, I thought it would be a bit hard gettin' used-to playin;  But when I choked the neck and layed into the strings I was quite surprised at how natural it felt.  Going inside to see why the pickups were intermittent, I found some loose hand-twisted wires and resoldered them.  Screwed it back together and did a quicko set-up, ....and plugged'er in.  She immediately howled like the street-wise wolf in heat she is ....with mojo right up to her canine teeth.  After playing, adjustin' and lookin' her over for a couple hours, ....and thinkin' about what to do with her future;  I decided to pack her away and think on it for awhile.  So far it seems she belongs just like she is;  NOBODY could replicate her mojo, and seems a shame to alter;  ....but I don't discount making a few changes to stiffen up the thin, flimsy metalflake plastic of her previous "customizing", ....or whatever she might tell me to do. ........And she even has her original and functional raggidy-ass case!

Will take better pics than the Seller's here, as soon as I can get around to unpacking
The Red Wolf
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